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What is a Good Amount for Wedding Gift?


Weddings are a time for celebration, but they can also be pretty stressful. One of the biggest sources of stress is figuring out how much to ask your guests to give as a wedding gift. After all, you don’t want to request too much and seem greedy, but you also don’t want to ask for too little and risk not getting enough help paying off those hefty wedding bills. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some guidelines for setting a reasonable amount for wedding gifts.

Keep in mind

Think About What You’re Asking For When it comes to wedding gifts, couples often think about what they need or want most. But that’s not necessarily the best approach. Instead, try thinking about what you’d like your guests to give if money were no object. That way, no matter how much or how little each guest gives, you’ll still be able to appreciate their generosity.

Set an Amount Range

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to setting an amount for wedding gifts. However, it’s important to set some kind of range so that your guests know what to expect. A good rule of thumb is between $50-$100 per guest—but this can vary depending on factors like your relationship with the guest and your personal budget. If you’re having an intimate wedding with just close family and friends in attendance, then you could even set the range higher—just keep in mind that everyone has different financial situations and try not to pressure anyone into giving more than they can afford. 

Don’t Forget About Other Options

Finally, remember that there are other ways for your guests to show their love and support on your big day besides giving monetary gifts. You can always offer other options like bringing food or decorations instead! This is especially helpful if you have any guests who may not be able to contribute financially but still want to help out somehow—and it takes the pressure off of everyone else as well.


Ultimately, deciding how much to ask for wedding gifts is really up to you and your partner—just make sure it’s reasonable based on what each individual guest can afford! Keep in mind that most people will be happy just knowing they were invited and are part of celebrating your special day with you—so don’t worry if they don’t give anything at all! Remembering these tips will help ensure that everyone feels comfortable when it comes time for gifting so that the focus stays where it should be: enjoying each other’s company on your big day!

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